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Few Days Old Girl | Nov 2017

I love my hubby a alot I can't stay without him par meri mil kheti hai 3months kunke sath sona chahiye. Hubby mere hall mai sote hai aur mai baby mil room mai. Mujhe ye bilkul pasand nahi hai. Kaise convince karu mai apni mil ko

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Yes it's done to avoid sex, and fasten up the healing process.
This custom like many others show the sad state of women in our country, I. e you are nothing more than sex/baby producing machine. Your mil is too slave of this patriarchal society, and without using her mind, without learning anything from her experiences she is just forcing it down your throat as it was done with her.
Ancient age was the golden age, the time these customs were formed they were purely based on logic but now years later ppl have forgotten the logic behind it are practicing it blindly, God forbid if anyone dares to question it then be ready to face the wrath of the family and be shamed upon by "aaj kal ki ladkiya". (oh I can rant for so long on this)

This custom first came into place to prevent woman and newborn from any infection, that's why they were kept in seclusion, all bodily contacts were avoided to keep getting infections at bay. Woman also withdrew from all household work so that she can rest completely and all her focus is on baby. In fact all the baby duty was also done by others except for feeding. But years later this custom like others has taken a ugly course where it is forced up and all in wrong ways. Woman is kept in seclusion but not given full rest, her needs, her desires are completely overlooked. During this phase we crave for emotional comfort more than physical. Wch can come only from husband but sad that's not possible.
Instead of cribbing and being disheartened it's best to find ways in between. You can ask your husband to spend more time with you on weekends, stay up late, talk to each other. Or have the old age romance the way our parents use to have, where you can keep texting him being in next room, stealing kisses, eye locks. Have coffee/milk dates with him in your room. Make him realise what he is missing and you ll have his full support. Oh the romance.
Instead of wasting your energy on how to get your mil out of your room try to make best whatever time you got.

Because the truth is sweetheart no matter how strongly we all condemn it here at last it will be your mil's decision. It's best to move back to 70s and bring in some rajesh khanna inspired romance!!!!
stay blessed!
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I also feel with this there can be another reason... As new mom first 3 months her mil must b wanting to help her out cuz babies cry n stay away thru the night.. May b her mil wants to help her out at this phase of her recovery after delivery which is much needed... Cuz husbands are there to comfort us but at a certain point they are not ready to deal with staying up late night changing diaper or staying awake while we breastfeed (there can be exceptions) I feel this women shud consider herself lucky too cuz now a days mil wants to run away from work n responsibility but here upfront she will stay with her in night time so she can help her out with the baby this way d new mom Wil also get sum sleep Also we have full life for romance 😉 This 3 months will pass so fast and the topic is just for night Normally most of us stay at mom place for 3 months after delivery even I did 5 month and slept with my mom I feel it was d best 5 months cuz I learned alot how to handle new born I was getting time to sleep as mom use to take care than I use to take care n mom use to sleep so think it that way Angelash atleast day time ull b with him

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Even I'm worried yaar. Ye sab mujse nahi hoga . I m just feed up kisko kuch bol nahi sakti yaha

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