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Third Trimester | Mar 2018

I know lot of reply would be very harsh to my question but wanted to share something. I am the third girl child of my parents so whole my life i have seen my parents çraved for a son and they were usually sad during festivals or some family gatherings. Now the prob is I never wanted a girl child because of all d trauma I have been through. But I got a girl she is few days old. I am not able to accept her or connect with her. I keep on thinking that y god has done this to me. My parents are also not happy. Plz help me.

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My younger bhabhi are 4 Sis.. n after lots of prayer or some baba type treatment her mother was blessed with a boy. Now aunty is suffering from final stage cancer n her son is too young so all the daughters are taking care of her.. so aunty used to feel guilt that bete ki Chahat thi dats y facing all these

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