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Few Days Old Boy | Nov 2017

I have a 21 days old baby boy ever since I am discharge from hospital I was having lot of fight with my husband due to over interference of my in laws, in laws wanted me to give baby to them and they would raise in their own way and we're insisting in me giving formula milk and not breast feeding so that they can give formula milk to my baby by keeping him with them but I didn agree and was in lot of stress due to daily fights with husband and in laws, just 2 days ago another bomb came in my life when my husband confessed to me that in last 2 months of my pregnancy he got into an affair with his office colleague and even had sex with her coz due to my sensitive pregnancy entire 9 months Dr asked us to not have sex.. I'm extremely broken and shattered with this act of my husband he has broken up with that girl and is begging me to give him another chance but I'm not able to accept how he could cheat on me when I'm pregnant with his baby I don't know what to do now

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hmmm your situation here is very sensitive.
First and foremost pack your bags and move to your parents place. This will give you a perspective and will be helpful in analysing circumstances in better and fresh way.
Be very clear with your in laws that they are only welcomed till the time they are willing to help you raise your baby. Any deed of taking charge or showing complete authority on your baby will not be accepted at any cost. shut them out of your life if they continue.

For your husband, he has committed a grave mistake. Rather then being with you and caring he chose to sleep with someone else and now as you have delivered(your body available for him) he is ready to break up with that lady. Clearly for him sex is above all. Emotions, love, care comes second. Doesn't look like he respects women. Uses them as sex machine, I might be over reacting but I can't stand a man cheating his wife especially when she is pregnant. His case might have carried little weight if you were emotionally and physically unavailable to hin other than being pregnant, but this dear lady is not justified.

Yes it's important to have father figure in child's life, but does he really care about the baby or tge mother. Even if you give him second chance will you have same love and respect for him in future. I don't think so.

First get out of this situation, a change in place could bring big relief. List down your priorities. Think about future. Think about the fact that why you want to be with him. He us the provider or because you are married to him or because you don't have any other place to go. If these are the reasons to be with him then please walk away because you don't need him, you only need someone to take care of you and he probably isn't.
But if you want to be with him for love and compassion then think of second chances. Make your own vows, treat them as sacred. One mistake and there us no going back. Give it to him as his last and his chance. See where life takes you from there.

Stay blessed!
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