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3 Months Old Boy | Feb 10

I hate my daughter ..she is 5 year old Obsessed with playing She even pees in her trouser while playing bcos she doesnt want to get away ..she doesmt want to eat bcos she wants to play..she can play from 8 morning to night ..and then at night tel her its enough she will cry hours although she had playes the whole day refuse her one thing she will cry for hours ..she cries evryday a total of 4 hours She is hungry and cries but doesnt want to eat she is soo disrespectful she goes to anybodys house and beats up their kids and plays ther toys and doesnt give them thier own toys opens up other peoples cupboard ..she acts so wild very very wild...even the way she sits and stands and walks around iS so very wildy .Due to that her clothes are always torn .her hair is alwys messed up .she always screams nd shouts nd one in the family is like that ..i dont hit her I always explain to her .but its of no use and yes i hardly give her mobile . DONT TAKE ME WRONG BCOS I AM FED UP NOW

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I m under stand ur baby problem she is love a lots plz iska khayal rakhain ye sahi hojayegi bache jab akele hote hain to inhain laad milta hai phir jab inka brother ya sister ajata hai to ye feel karte hain mumma humse piyar nai karti to woh sata kar apna frustration nikalte hain I think u say hate word ur daughter kids ka kasoor nai hota and rahi baat pee ki to bladder is weak u r check or till ke ladoo khilain use hate karne ke bajaye iska khayal rakhain mother hate kare to duniya main bache ka koi nai hai 😢😢😢😢😢😢

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I disagree with many moms here trying to justify your daughters behaviour. It’s not naughty but violent. First of all excuses can be given for how your daughter messes things up in her own home but the destruction/beatings she does in others house it is totally unacceptable even if it’s sibling rivalry due to the birth of the second child (if there is a second child)

Now given that she is 5 years old we have to agree that while she understands a lot of things she is still quite young and when such a young child behaves this bad then the blame goes directly to the adults in the house. Am not trying to portray you as a bad mom; it may even be grandparents at home who are spoiling her rotten. Anyways you know the situation at home. Giving love and care is not the only job of a parent, teaching them how to behave and showing them right from wrong is equally essential. We as parents want to do only the easy part of parenting like buying things/showing love etc and conveniently forget that our bundle of joy actually needs other life lessons too.

All the people telling you to be patient/considerate etc what do you think they will do when your daughter bashes up their kid? Will they still be patient/considerate themselves??
In my view the child has been lacking disciple and all her small misbehaviours over the years have been ignored hence she is at this state. Also there is nothing sweet/funny about a violent child. All you can do now is to teach yourself how to discipline your child. Read books. Isn’t it better to be the bad cop and discipline your child than to hate her? Take a vow that your child is not just your pride but your direct responsibility too. Be strict and firm and get her to stop her extreme tendencies. See what methods work for you to control her. At the end of the day if she does not have friends in the building or other parents do not want her coming to their houses or playing with their kids then who is to blame? The 5 year old or her mature parents?

Never create a situation where outsiders have to teach your child manners/discipline that’s the worst we can do to our little ones.
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my sil z living Australia n hes lil toddler(3yr). z with me he do the same n

i cant evn scold him.he put his dirty finger in my baby's mouth n if i said him "no beta germs hote hai" my mil bil fil go against me as m bad mami n apne bache ko hath ni lagane de rahi .he spit on me kick me pull my hair

i dnt say nything i jst explain them k baby ko jo sikhaoge jaisa bnaoge waisa bnega itz ok if i explain him 1000 tyms.
nw he (toddler) understand he stop doing that n neighbour se jitne bhi baby ate hai unko bhi hath nahi lgane deta ..

since one yr he done whateve he want but i keep loving him n let him do whatevr he want messy clothes throwing things here n thr ...i stop him doing the things cd harm him othrwise toma takai z really useless baby do this we hv to be patient s

nw he loves my baby so much n care fr him..mene hamesha bhanja ko bht pyaar se samjhaya hai i keep explain everything as this z good n this z bad n he hv learnt many things i hv 9999 patience level i nvr scolded that child i let him do whatevr he wants but in limit if he do the wrong i keep telling him no beta eshe ni krna uska mind divert kr deti hu taki ush chiz sw uska dhyaan hat jae n wo ush kaam ko krna chhod to kabhi ni ho skta k aap baby ko maje se command do no eahe ni krna aur wo maan le never ...apko baby k 24*7 sath me hona chahie hmesha uspe najar rakho mna krte rho itz ok agar aap lakh baar b kr rhe ho ..bacha z bacha wo krenge hi gltiya aap bolo apne baby ko pyaar se smjhao uske sath khelo masti kro agar wo bht jyada over krta hai to kuchh min baat mt kro but dnt say k u hate her at least ...
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