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Second Trimester | Jul 20

I do all the household work bt I am not going for a walk.. I feel so exhausted after doing all the works.. my mil won't let me for sleep also bcoz I may put on more weight.. if I take rest or sleep she ll make it a big issue nd she ll.stop talking to me for 1 or 2days.. I don't ve any park near my house I feel like going for walk bt my body is getting strain.. this is like day by day getting worse I really need some rest.. she wants me to keep on talking to her abt all her life struggles it will go on sometimes till 12 at nyt.. she is not letting me to go to my mom's place coz my mom ve not come here over past 2mnths.. my mom is still working and she don't ve time to come here.. I have told and explained her several times but she is on her own world talking all rubbish 😣 she takes care of me like her own daughter wen my husband is with me wen he moves to the office she starts to show her original face.. I am 18weeks pregnant plz say me wen to start walking nd how to.handle all ths

3 Answers
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