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First Trimester | Dec 2017

I am pregnant with twins and I am having a bad fight with my in laws at this stage. They have insulted me a lot today. Blaming me and making me cry. my husband has business and if I tell him he will support me but he is very hyper and it will lead to bigger household fights. I am 9 weeks pregnant. What should I do? They are animals. They behave very rudely with me today. I don't know what to do

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Piu u should be brave nd tell them all if they doing any mischifs will not be tolerate at all by u nd record all nd tell them u have proof nd dont be silent when they shout on u or doing any mis behave open a door nd window nd tell them make more laoud as much u can and see the difference also tell them u will call mahila mandal if they not change theire behaviour to u nd while all this going on u make ongoing call to mahila mandal cell or to a person who can help u

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