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9 Months Old Girl | Jan 2019

Hii frnds.. 😊😊 We all want to be happy and live our lives but dont you all agree that many times the people around us dont allow us so.. They leave no stone unturned in order to make our lives complicated and worse!! I had answered a question yesterday regarding a woman who has 3 daughters but wanted a boy child so wants to opt for 4th conception.. Many of you liked the answer and appreciated me personally too.. The questioner too was satisfied.. then again i read her post which extended her grief as her family want her to get RID of one of her daughter so that she can go for boy child.. !! Frnds today i will share a story.. And thats for you my anonymous frnd and other moms who are in same situation... Plz take out some time to read this.. I wish it could at least relax your mind and help in making a better wiser and responsible decision.. Also to come out of the dilemma that you all are going through.. Continued in comment section..

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This story is of a 19 yr old girl.. who was ambitious hard working and doing really great in her life..
she married the love of her life early.. leaving all her dreams behind.. as for her.. her love of life and starting family with him was greater and first and foremost..!!
she delivered her first child at the age of 20.. she was a girl child.. everyone was not happy but was like..
ok she is just a first child.. and forced her to conceive again..
she delivered her 2nd child at the age of 22..
and the child was girl again..
this time extreme pressure of family changed her husband's attitude too towards her..
they continually used to fight and her hubby sometimes used to beat her up too..
yes that LOVE OF HER LIFE!!
she was clear that she wont have 3rd child for all the reasons that i had mentioned in my reply for that post..
her inlwas insisted her to give away her 2nd girl child so that she can try for baby boy..
due to which and no support from husband she did that.. !!
and gave away the piece of her heart to one of her relative..
they legally adopted her..
she delivered the 3rd baby at the age of 25 and that was again a girl child..
though her family tried thier level best to know the gender but couldn't!!
they now turned monsters and beating abusing was now regular for them..
due to negligence and bad health following that.. baby passed away when she was just 24 days old..
this time the lady couldn't take anymore and stood firm for her elder girl..
husband decided to divorce her!! when he couldn't prove her characterless he tried to prove her mentally disabled and took divorce..
her elder daughter caught typhoid in all these hustles and passed away at the age of 7 yrs..!!
her inlaws were sorted they got thier son married again.. and now karma had something else for them now.. as it was time to pay..!!
ever after 5 yrs they are childless..
after all treatments like ivf iui and everything known to the medical science they are unable to have child!! forget about baby boy.. !!
someday his mom went to a pandit to show the kundali of her son..
the most amazing thing came out of that..
he said..
"there is no child line and such blessing in the destiny of your son.. all that happened earlier was the destiny of your daughter in law that made that happen and atleast your son was blessed with baby girls to even called a father!! now nothing will help"
guyys.. can you all actually believe that.. !!
the woman of the story is none other but my cousin.. !!
we all helped her come out of that trauma... she married her childhood frnd 2 yrs back..
and now delivered a baby girl 3 mnths back.. i m helping her in her journey of motherhood.. and she is happiest now..
and we are now not bothered about that man and his monster family!!
frnds plz tell me how do you feel after reading this!!
dont you think we should go with the flow and let karma work!!
ladies who are in similar traumas.. plz stay strong and take firmer and better decision for your baby and yourself..
rest leave everything upto god..
stay strong dear stay happy in all situations.. there is lot to come..
keep going and say..
"jo bhi hoga dekha jayega.. "
take care. lots of love to AllπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
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commented Feb 2019

Reading this filled my eyes..

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First of all @neha ur story was heartbreaking and at the same time enlightening.. my heart goes out to ur cousin that she had to suffer child loss not once but twice because of such monstrous people... And i hope and pray that may her life be filled with happiness now.. i too have a story..
My masi.. was married to a man, who on paper seemed quite perfect.. but wasn't..
They were also trying for baby since many years and had undergone many treatments... But her husband didnt want a child anyway..he didnt want any kind of responsibility towards wife or child.. but just fr d sake of society nd due to my masi's many urges and relatives pressure he agreed for another ivf...
This time she concieved twins...
She was very happy... That was around the time of my wedding so she couldnt attend because she was on bed rest..
now..she was facing some issue in her throat from long but everyone neglected nd didnt get her properly treated...
sometime slong the pregnancy it was found that she has cancer in her throat nd that it has reached critical stage already..
nd she couldnt be given treatment due to her pregnancy...
but she was determined.. all she wanted was to give birth to her children..
she soon became worse and was bed ridden...her rest of the pregnancy continued in government hospital....where no proper treatment was provided as the husband was hoping the soon she dies he gets rid of her and the babies altogether...but god always has diffrnt plans...
she gave birth to twin baby girls and was 17 kg at that time.. she died the next day..
her body survived along with the babies for nine whole months miraculously just because those babies were meant to be born...
she couldnt see them as they were in nicu and she died next day..
and ger husband and mil refused to take the babies they were girls...again my mom and some relatives talked to the mil and tried to knock some sense...saying that she died to let them be born... please. just take them...
her sil and mil are now raising those babies..
they are the most beautiful angeks i've seen..
i just wanted to say..that babies are god's gift...and people sacrifice literally their lives to bring them in this world...pls.. fight fr ur girls..
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