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4 Months Old Girl | Aug 2018

Hii frnds.. I have never posted any ques and this time also its not a query.. But a concern.. Yesterday after a ques regarding baby feeding in lying position or not burping well.. Lot of worries and concern aroused.. All of sudden all those mothers who were till now enjoying there motherhood.. Suddenly went into fear of thinking something wrong will happen to their baby as they are unable to burp their babies at night.. Or may be feeding on lying postion.. Even i could also not sleep at night as some one commented that by not burping properly an infant in her family suffered SIDS...!! my baby mostly doesnt burp at night.. And whole night i went up to check her.. Which i didnt do for last 5 mnths.. But suddenly after a ques stroke every mothers sleep.. Comfort vanished.. And every now a single ques in regarding this only.. That how will i come to know that my baby has milk clots in her lungs!! That made me worried and sad.. Rest in comment section..

26 Answers
i rang my doctor and told him my concern this morning..
he first laughed and then asked me to calm down..
he said new definition of SIDS. and also that it may have lot of reasons in infant not only not burping at night..
also that burp is related to passing unnecessary gas and air in stomach that passed through while feeding..
in lungs nose and ear milk gets in due to improper feeding position..
in which lying postion is fine upto some extent if taken care properly.. though not completely abolished..
also its totally fine if baby doesnt burp sometimes..
as burping not always.. is not FATAL
that gave me some relief..
dear frnds.. i just wanted to share this..
i know whoever posted this ques and also wrote lot things including me.. we all want to help each other..
but we as a mother get scared a lot..
plz ..spreading anything thats a rare case and not very prevalent also.. and is not directly connected to someting thats as deadly as fatal to your child.. plz plz plz.. dont discuss it further to an extent.. that it increases anxiety to a level where mothers just cant do anything but watch their child day night.. that whether they are able to breathe or not..
also i want to share that whenever i used to make my burp after feed.. my mom used to say..
that you take care a lot i never did that.. whenever u used to cry i fed you on lying position at night while sleeping and also made you sleep without burp.. !!
its not to support this practice my frnds.. but just to calm the minds of mothers who are doing this for mnths and doing it fine..
all lovely mothers there..
trust your instincts..
if you think you are doing fine..
just with being more careful take care of your babies..
our children will be absolutely fine..
dont worry.. if they dont burp all the times..
or feeding in all postions some times or other..
take care..
lots of love..
god bless.. 😘😘😊😊
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Thanks a lot .. after seeing that post I was like repeatedly checking my baby... Huhhh finally came out of that fears.thanks for sharing this info

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