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Third Trimester | Mar 2018

Hii friends wanted to share something. Throughout my pregnancy astrologer and ppl used to tell me that I am going to have a boy and I was also sure about this but God gifted me a little angel. Problem is now I am not able to connect with her. I keep on thinking that why God has created that environment that I will be having a boy. Plz help me I am not against girls just depressed and plz don't judge me for this just wanted to know how can I accept the present scenario now.

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Momies, she is already feeling low n wishing to have ur encourgaing suggestions.

Dear questioner, I can understand ur situation as my SIL felt the very same in the starting. it's just a feeling for few days. by the time, u will take care of ur baby, u will feed her, give her all she wants, u will b automatically Attached.

my family was also expecting a boy first as I already conceived thru 1000 of struggles. so everyone wished to have a boy first so taht the family cud b tension free(story of every Indian home)
for me, I just wanted my baby to b well,no matter which gender.
in anamoly scan, docs said baby cud b mentally challenged. so whole of my pregnancy went with teh wish that baby shud b fine, I didnt think about gender.

but yes, I too wished during delivery taht if I give birth to a girl, then all these pregnancy procedures will b started again for next conception. so that time I wished for boy, just bcz I needed time for second baby.

god gifted me lil angel, her daadi got depressed n used to get her busy with chores n didn't take care of her as well. that moment I use to feel like, y this girl happened to me, all my efforts for getting pregnant n then delivery (I delivered vaginally during chikengunia) seemed to b went in drain.
above all, my mil behavior made me more depressed. n den our customs, which r much lower for baby girls n not celebrating.

I was literally in depression. after 2-3months,my baby began blabbering n playing. she catches the eye of everyone by her naughty smile n sparkling eyes,even while on road. she touched everyone's heart by her activities

now my mil cries wn she leaves home. she gets senti, wn she doesn't see her for long.

of course I loved my baby, but just like above, I started feeling depressed earlier bcz of the procedures I was speculating right then for future. later on I realised to b the best mother to my baby n show my thankfulness to god for gifting me a baby,for which I was earlier praying in every single temple I had ever visited.

so just give urself sometime,u will b connected. don't worry.
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