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2 Months Old Girl | Nov 2018

Hi moms. .recently I read a blog in some website that "babies those who are formula feeding, smetimes die coz of choking". . From that moment m afraid abt my gal. .she s been formula feeding till she born. . Is it true? Nd I m not giving what d feeding table says. . She is 2.5 month old, I make 250ml of water with 2 scoops of lactogen for 7 to 8 feeds. .but actually table says, 5 scoops for 150ml of water for 5 feeds. . Is ths ok? And m worried that she is formula fed, which leads to major health prblm to my lo. . Anyone giving Ur babies formula?? Please tell me your answers!. .And also I don't have enough breast milk to provide my baby, tried every thing, bt no use. m feeling guilty every second that I couldn't be d reason for my healthy child. . It's ruining me. . It will be lifelong gulit for me. .sometimes, I feel like cutting nd throwing away my breasts. .m not a mom!!😥😖

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hii on experience its totally not true. choking can happen with breast feeding baby too but but if feeding in wrong position or carelessness. always feed baby in your lap put your one hand under baby head than feed. because baby is too young and it could happen but there are less chances otherwise its totally okay.

i didnt had bm inspite of all remedies and lactating tabs and what not but no results at all so my baby is comoletly on fm from day 1 now he is 11 months old and dont have any health issues. he is growing well. in starting days i was also guilty but my families make me bold as mothergood is not only bm its beyond that like love, care, nurturing, doing baby's chores amd list is long. so dont waste time on such guilt and whatever. just focus on baby.

google helps us but its infornation is not 100% correct. we need to filter what to believe what not to.

you mentioned that you are not following table to prepare fm which is completly wrong. you must follow it otherwise its not milk that you are giving its like small amount of milk mixed with lots of water. it cant help much with baby's hunger and grow chart.

it is believed that fm is too thick it should not be that thick so mix less powder. but there are standard level to mix wgich is mentioned on packing. dont go with foolish advice and thoughts follow the table its is a must for you specially for baby. its not cow or buffalo milk that should be mix with water its fm which is equivalent to bm but only if you follow table.

i have fed only and only fm upto 6 months no water even inspite of my elders thought that fm is not good so you need to give water too. no matter what i followed everything very strictly. still any issues or doubt me ping me.
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