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8 Months Old Girl | Sep 9

Hi mom's..i can't control my angry and feeling uncomfortable.because my in-laws and bil showing so much involvement in my elder daughter matters, they act like those people love only my daughter we can't .my daughter also loves them than me.because of this my daughter doesn't listen my words and no bil always give mobile to my daughter she is 4years now.i strictly tells that don't give mobile .now what I do ,,is am i right or not?

5 Answers
I suggest u to b very friendly with ur daughter.. I too faced the same issue.. my elder one is 3 year old.. he is very much attached to my Sil..

don't punish her or be angry with her..
she is small n with b liking whu gives her chocolates mobiles toys etc...

my sil used to give chocolate n sweets to my son .. when I forbid them .. my son used to get angry with mi.. don't think to get much support from hubby
. aftr all they r his same blood..

what I did to change my boy

1. try to b more patient with him.
2. pamper him much when ever baby is asleep..
3. play with him ..
4. add a new hobby for him .. I made reading book(jus go thru the pic), buy some picture books etc
5. give him drawing book n gadgets
6. make him to do some f these
n play with him..
7.the issue us he need more care .. n thinks that u care n love younger one more..
I just tell .. I am going to massage u like I massage baby.. likewise..
8. give him some activity boxes.. like kitchen tools .. hair accessories , stationary etc which r blunt or empty..
9. finally every baby likes traveling.. take her out to park or shops .. buy him some lollipop or make him to select toys .. or buy stuffs..
10. reduce screen time gradually..

also ask ur bil to give him toys or drawing or writing things ..

give surprises to her.. I make some activity boxes ..
ideas 1. give toy fruits n veggies.. n original in one box .. make it colorful..
2. different soft cleaning materials like scrubbers sponges microfiber clothes brushes
. all new ones
3. hair accessories ..
4. toys which r for her
5. spoons plastic n steel n wood spatulas filters funnels..etc

make different boxes n give one at a time ..

give her favorite foods which r time consuming to eat .. like popcorn, peanut n other nuts , dates, dry fruits..

if u want any help just msg mi..

my boy changed a lot..

now he ask sil for drawing book n toys..
I just made a story with my friend.. once she visited us n then she just told that .. ur boy is so good.. he is not using phone.. her Neighbour kid has an issue with his eyes n its paining ..
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