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3 Months Old Girl | Feb 12

Hi moms.. My bby s 3 moonth 5 days old.. Hr weight is 5.2kgs.. My bby sleeps at 11 at night n she ll wake up at 3 am fr feed if she has done pee she ll wake up o els i shud wake hr up n agn if she sleeps she ll nt wake up till 5 to 6 hrs.. Ths hapns at night time.. Her pee count s only 2 times at night.. Mrng she takes feed evry 2 hours n does pee fr 3 times in evry 2 hours n aftr bath she ll sleep fr 3 hours n tat time also hr pee ll b less.. bt till 11 she ll take feed evry 2 hrs n hr pee count d mre thn 9 times.. she s playful active and mkes vryy strng movements of hr hands n legs..M confused?? Is ths nrml.. please help me moms.. plss replyy

3 Answers
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