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2 Months Old Girl | Nov 2017

Hi moms I need some suggestions. I have no mom, my baby is about to complete 3mth coming 2nd. So I fully depends on my MIL and SIL. Now a days they are forcing me to give Cerlac and biscuits to my baby. I told I will never give her anything until she turns 6mth. But they are forcing and telling we have gave our baby at 3mths itself, so u give give like that. If I stubbornly not give means they will not help me for any work in my home hereafter. I have to take care my baby and house hold work alone. Pls tell me what I have to do???

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Weight is good .. My baby is 4 months and 6kgs .. Birth weight was 3.2kg .. Doctor said weight is okay .. But my doctor said its okay if we start solids after 120 days .. But am planning to wait at least until 5 months .. But we should not give biscuits or other processed food for that matter .. It will be difficult when mil or suggest something .. But we shd not lend our ears to them when they advise otherwise .. Try gifting them something to keep them surprised and more attached .. Don't worry that they will not do any work for you .. Its true those days they gave everything by 2 , 3 months .. My mil used to say .. But she will listen to me if I say anything .. Keep saying we will wait until 4 months .. Tell them that those days there were not much infections and food was healthy .. But these days everything is full of chemicals .. You can speak with your husband to relieve your stress but when he tells his mom or sister, they may get offended .. So don't worry dear ..

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