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Second Trimester | Jan 2018

Hi moms. I m feeling vry bad today.actually i went to my gyno today. She insulted us so much and told us not to come again. We did mistake and apologied to her bt she didnt stop log bewakuf h.paise bachane k liye kuch bhi kr skte h and much more.i feel so bad.she was not giving proper time to us from last month and last time she wrote triple marker test in 17 week bt she didnt said was my mistake that i didnt check the card again. I missed the i m 19 weeks pregnant.she said it cant be done now.and told us not to come again.she is a doctor bt is it the right way to talk to your patient i mean how can she shout at us in front of so many people.big thing is that what should i do now

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Jan 2018
First of all, it is sad that you had to go through such an experience.

Everyone is reporting that the Dr's way of treating is bad but have you ever thought what goes through a reputed doctor if she has been caught by this mistake. For eg. When a mother is asked to take a required test and she forgets it due to some reason, and if the reports brings up some abnormalities in the later stage when everyone is helpless do you know how bad the situation can turn into? This can even endanger the mother's or baby's life. The mother's family will strictly blame the doctor for such an act, they will put a criminal case against the doctor and this can even terminate the doctor's privilege to practice. No one is thinking about it.

Some tests should be done before 20 weeks, this is not only about pregnancy but there are definitely some rules and regulations in medical terms which are to be strictly followed by the doctor, patient or the mom to be. Or else in the later stage if one comes across some bad reports this will be taken in the law court.

I know my answer can create lots of hatred for me but this is a fact which most of the times we forget to think. The doctor might have misbehaved with you but at the same time he/she was helpless. Only creating such a situation was advisable if we think from the doctor's part because if this forgetfulness was hidden the matter will reach the higher authorities and this can interfere with the doctor's practices. A test that is to be conducted in 17th week must be strictly followed. It shouldn't be procrastinated.

You have to make sure not to forget your tests be what ever it is specifically during this crucial period of pregnancy. No one can take it lightly.

Try to find a good doctor immediately and get the required tests done. Going into the same hospital is not going to help because the doctors will definitely ask you the history.

Once again friends before judging me kindly think the doctor's and the mother to be's risks involved.
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Well said Manuja...agreed

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Hello dr.murjani...she is a senior doctor n i dont want to take this issue further. What she did hurt me that time so much that i wrote it here. I dont want any new issues in my pregnancy.i have changed my doctor.thanks that you are concerned about these things.

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