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First Trimester | Nov 2017

Hi ladies !!! Hope you all are doing good .. i feel I’m crazy but I’m very scared very very scared as I have conceived after so many years .. the problem is my symptoms are reducing day by day I had nausea and sore nipples right from the start when I got my bfp at 4 weeks and it was there until few days that is right next day after my ultrasound wherein I saw the heartbeat 💗 and the doctor told that all is well I lost all my symptoms.. I do have little bit nausea and yes I sleep quite a lot but my nipples soreness has gone completely breasts have reduced back to normal and even my nausea has reduced quite a lot ... though I heard the beautiful heartbeat 💗 my mind is still not at ease .. It’s going to be until two weeks I see my doctor again and if I tell about my anxiety he is going to laugh.. but he doesn’t understand how terrified I am 😞😞 I’m just feeling scared that loss of symptoms doesn’t mean anything and all is still fine.. I’m presently 7 weeks today .

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