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9 Months Old Boy | Oct 2017

Hi frnds... Befre my delivery my size was L.. But nw even Xxl is tight. I have gained alot of weight.. Worried alot n feel lyk cryng whn mu husband is kidding me often.. As i am lone at home with mu hubby. I have to take care of my baby n do all house holdwrks.. So i eont get evn 10 mins to do exercise.. I even cant take diet as i dnt have tym to take cre of me.. Whn my baby sleepa i will do all household wrks.. When i finish all that he will be ready to wake up.. Stressed alot due yo my over weight... Plz gve me sme suggestions..

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So while playing with u can keep on moving Ur body, dancing, jumping in front of him Nd many stuffs.. this is my personal expirence.. I hve reduced all my preggy weight

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Please don't feel bad about yourself. It's incredibly hard to take care of a baby, do the chores and cook as well. Doing all this, without any help is very, very difficult to do.

You have to find ten to fifteen minutes in a day to do these things. Take time out of Facebook and WhatsApp and give this complete priority. Even over your chores. Let your husband do the laundry and help clean the house over the weekend. You just focus on food and your baby. This will show you results in less than a month.

Losing weight is both easy and difficult to do. All it takes is a little discipline. There are no shortcuts to diet and exercise. I lost 6 kg in a month doing the following things.

Download the app:

I did the butt, thighs and legs workout. I suggest you do all three also. Start each on a different day. It takes about ten to twenty minutes per day. You don't need to go to the gym or have any workout equipment.

This is a free app. You can also find these workouts on YouTube. I found the app useful because it has a tracker and it helped me be more disciplined about my workout.

As for food, you can keep eating the same things as you do, with slight modifications.

Use the free app MyFitnessPal app to track your food and see what's making you gain weight. This app has most of the Indian food also.

Completely avoid sugar. Use honey and jaggery instead.
Use egg whites instead of whole egg.
Boil and steam vegetables instead of frying them. Frying takes more time anyway.
Increase the amount of vegetables in your diet, as compared to rice and rotis.
Eat fruits instead of snacks when you feel like munching something.

I know this sounds easy but is actually hard to do everyday with discipline. But trust me, you'll see results really quickly. Good luck!
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