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11 Months Old Boy | Oct 3

Hi friends..I wanna share with you something very personal. Please if you can please help me.. my little champ is one year old.. my husband and me love him so much. My husband is very caring towards me and baby. But after baby he has no interest in sex.. since one year we hadn't any intimate moments. I tried so many times.but he is not interested.infact I've talked to him,had fight with him.but no.he has no clear answer. I'm sure he's not cheating.he kisses my forehead..He helps me a lot in everything.but no sex. He says sex is not everything.. I know.but..No sex at all.what kind of marriage is this.our married life is only 3 yrs .we are so will I live like this rest of my life.i can't share it with anyone 😭😭😭😭😭

15 Answers
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