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1 Year 4 Months Old Girl | Mar 2016

Hi all mommies, I am going through strange problem. My baby is 16 months old and almost since birth she cries at night every 10-15 days and that cry is hell lot different from usual cry.  when she cries that way she simply doesn't recognize us and pushes us away if we try to hug or touch her. It will likely be virtually impossible to either wake her or console her. My mother in law being illiterate says it's coz of "nazar" or some bad waves( paranormal) and I should hand some " tabiz" kindda stuff around her neck as she is very cute and beautiful so negative forces attacks her at night. I seriously hate such kindda stupidity and till date haven't applied any black mark on her forehead as this is also insisted by my mil. I want to know if any other mom going through same?

64 Answers
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