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First Trimester | Oct 2017

Hi all... I am six week pregnant I checked the pregnancy by using pregnancy test kit at home and got positive two times. I told the same to my doc said that is enough no need of further testing and told to come for scan after three months... So are these test kits so reliable and no need of any blood testing... And scanning is not required till three months.. plz answer me...

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Your doctor is following very old practice.. I had experienced same with my second pregnancy with my village gynecologist. I was in my village when conceived. My first in USA they did blood work and scan at around 8weeks. Even in cities they follow this.. I feel this is a good practice because if we have any deficiency we can start taking medicines so that no issues would come in later stage..

Viability Scan – This is the first scan performed between weeks 6 and 9 to confirm the pregnancy date and arrive at an estimated due date. This scan is also used to confirm the location of the fetus, presence of fetal heart activity and the number of babies (singleton/multiple).
Blood tests done:
Blood group and Rh – This test is used to determine the blood typing (ABO group) & Rh typing (positive or negative). If the mother is Rh negative and the baby is Rh positive then the mother will be treated to avoid complications.
Complete blood count – This test is used to measure the levels of haemoglobin and WBC in the blood to identify anaemia or iron deficiency.
Blood glucose level – This test is performed to check the glucose level and rule out gestational diabetes.
HIV and other STD screening- This test will rule out all the possibilities of sexually transmitted diseases.
Hepatitis screening – This will check for Hepatitis B and C which may interfere with the baby’s health.
Haemoglobin Electrophoresis- This test is done to check for Thalessaemia and avoid further risk.
Hormone levels – Pregnancy causes hormonal rush in the body and hence the thyroid stimulating hormones must be monitored throughout the gestation period for the good health of the baby and the mother.
Rubella detection – The blood will be tested for previous infections of Rubella (German measles).
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