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1 Year 4 Months Old Girl | Oct 14

Hi Moms, My baby girl is of 16 months old. As I'm a working woman i leave my baby with my mom's house. She take care of her daily.I visit her daily. And for every 20-25 days my MIL comes from village she will take care of her. Im lucky to have that someone is there to take care of my Baby. But my prblm is my child behaves different when she is with my MIL. She won't come to me. I play with her. I try to take her to my arms but she starts crying. She not even take food with my hand. But she goes to my husband. She starts crying if my husband goes out. But wen i go out she won't look at me atleast. She not even goes to my mom also. I can't understand my child behaviour and sometimes it hurts me alot. I give her everything whatever she chocolate. Mobile, etc. I thnk y mil have some magic which attracts my child. Plz help me to overcome from this pain. My child behaviour will be Good when she stays with my mom. But why she is different wen she stays with my mil?

3 Answers
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