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A Month Old Boy | Nov 2017

Hi, I'm mom of one month old baby.i stay in my parents house after delivery and my younger sister is having exams during November and because of baby she is getting disturbed and sometimes she uses rude words like asking me to get out of the house.but my parents asking me to adjust as she is in exam again she did this in front of my husband and my husband got angry.he is asking me to come to my husband husband is really caring and he does everything for me. But in my parents house sometimes they won't give respect to him and always they will tell fault on him..i don't know to what to do.. Struggling with stress and unable to take care of baby..i don't want to give up both my parents and husband..but both of them are not understanding and they put entire pressure on me.. Any advise for me?

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first of all if ur husband is supportive then u must move with him and u can't stay in ur parent's home forever. . u have to be independent and try to manage everything. . at ur home u can hire a nanny or maid who can help u if i dnt have anyone to help u.. because its universal truth that its not ur home now n sometimes people do not tolerate girls if they stay for so long.... its ur mistake that u depend upon them...
secondly ur sister is wrong who doesn't even know how to behave with sister and bro-in-law.. it is ur home i know i m contradicting my statement. . but if ur parents r on ur side then no one can speak a word... she is having exams so what?? i had my exams after 40 days of c sec... i wasn't shouting at my family... i took care of myself n my baby.. studied... after 2 months i had classes i used to go to college.. i used to sleep for 2 hrz only... but i managed then why cant she?? my son used to sleep at 4 or 5 am.. n i used to sleep with him n at 7 i used to get up n get ready for college. . but i never spoke badly to anyone. . if she can't help u she must concentrate on her work only. . exams dont give her freedom to misbehave and insult others.... 😠u should just move and stand with ur husband for his respect.....
we all had exams. . we are very well educated. . did we all used to shout at our family members??? ask her to behave properly as its needed after her marriage also... otherwise she will face problems there. . n u plz b strong u r a mother and a mother can do anything. .... tc
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