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Second Trimester | Mar 2018

Hi... I'm 6 months pregnant... I'm regretting to getting married to this guy... I had good expectations .. it was arrange marriage.. I'm not happy with my in laws as well.. they make me do so much of work.. our marriage agent said they have maids at home.. I'll be princess.... I'm not happy at all... Can't say to my parents also how much I work here.. they will feel bad... I'm so depressed.. I'm concerned about my baby's future.. here food is always repeatedly eaten same food... They ask me to prepare more and store in fridge.. which I don't like at all.. im having habit of eating fresh food everyday in my parents home.. here in in laws place everything is opposite... It's been 8 months for my marriage.. I'm not at all treated as bahu of this family... They don't share anything with me.. feeling like running away...

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Just hold on there, dearie! don't give up yet.. i know it's painful.. but give a shot at trying for a change!
whether it is love marriage or arranged, there is this stigma attached to the Indian society! too much expectations from daughters-in-law! sigh!! one never understands how the husband and wife are a separate family and in-laws have no rights to interfere just too much.
in your case, since you are with babe now, just calm down. step back a bit (not harshly). take rest when you want to. voice your needs to your husband when it comes to eating healthy, discuss what doctor considers is important for you and babe. prepare food you would want to eat, just for yourself. you know, it's not possible for us to satisfy everybody.
and discussing with hubby should help.
marriage is about understanding each other's needs in health to the end of life.
sometimes it's just not okay to suppress your needs. one can start slowly by opening up a bit wisely, involving in a hobby to be stress free (of course, after a discussion & see how it works because the family starts seeing the daughter-in-law from a different perspective..)
I am expecting these psychological tips should work out well even if it is an arranged marriage, and other times, people do take harsh steps to protect themselves and the babe "with the help of loved ones"...
right now, it is still wise to be calm for babe's sake.. changes towards you might happen after delivery as you become a tigress later protecting your babe..

stay positive no matter what.. take wise steps!!

P.S -- personally, I am a stubborn type. though my in-laws are a bit kind, I am quite headstrong from the start because I am wary and calculate any misstep. it does sound stupid but I have my reasons. also I come from a family where I have a narcissistic personality disorder mom. it's painful personally that she is still not bothered.. and yet I am moving forward in life painfully.. :( :)
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