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Third Trimester | Feb 2018

Hi. I had a baby girl on 24jan and my due date was 22 jan. I was too much focussed on normal delivery and everything was alright. I had started with labour pains inthe morning and went to the hospital for general checkup, they have some medicine and started preparations. In the evening when checked again, baby was not coming down and after checking again when my water broke, there was meconium in it and I had to undergo emmergency c sec. After c sec i am feeling so depressed. I am not able to connect with baby also very nicely. I feel i have been cheated by the hospital and i have been deprived of the joy of becoming a mother as i expected to deliver normally. My body is healing slowely but i feel very much depressed. Everyone around me is trying hard to help me but i am not able to come out of it. Can someone pl suggest something. I love my baby and want that i give her the best. But i think too much about the the day she was born and all about my c sec.

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Shruti.. Yes I had a normal delivery.. But at what cost?
I went through a similar thing during my delivery. I request you to read my post *An advice from a fellow momma part-1*
please do read.

picture this:
I had almost same complications as u did, baby had swallowed meconium, had lungs and intestinal infections bcoz of meconium ingestion (got to know after delivery), baby dint come out soon, her head was stuck in vagina, her heartrate decreased as she was tired and stressed, no chance of c section even though i wanted it as pain was very bad as baby was 70% into the vagina and out of cervix, had to be finally pulled out through forceps and vaccum suction, had to be given oxygen externally as she cudnt take her first breath on her own, was wheeled into NICU when I soo badly wanted to see her and hold her on my chest, was in NICU for 3 days, the sweet, delicate little one was treated with antibiotics through intravenous injections, her back of palms had more than 21 pierce marks made due to numerous blood tests to make sure she was getting better, the delicate skin was pierced for drips with a cannula (google it), used to cry everytime someone just gently touched her hand due to pain, i cud hold her and feed for the first time only on the third day of my delivery, docs were not sure she would make it or if she made it, what complications she would have, her forehead has scratches and wounds due to foreceps, the vaccum suction left a huge, painful swelling welt at the back of her head which made her cry whenever v accidentally touched her head for almost a month, docs said its a miracle she is alive and she would be considered 'normal' only if she reaches her milestones on time. Soo many nights I have wondered and was frightened if my baby is normal or will she have developmental issues, till she started smiling at 1.5 months (her first milestone). I have cried to myself and infront of my mom soo many times worrying abt my baby.

My baby is healthy and perfectly fine now, thank god and thanks to the docs and the hospital for their timely and efficient care, though she went through sooooo much pain, forget about the costs incurred.. I had no choice of c section as baby was already very much out of cervix. I feel all this pain cudve been avoided if there was option for c section for me.

Now tell me.. incase of complications like ours, do u feel normal delivery is worth it? my baby dint deserve soo much pain. u r lucky that u and baby both are healthy now, thank God.. thank ur and baby's lucky stars... u are fortunate!

Please be happy and love ur baby more. ur doc and hospital have worked hard to keep u both safe.. dont think abt all these things and lose soo many precious moments with ur bub! take care.. God bless u and baby.. :)
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Namitha thank you for this post

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Feb 2018
Hello 🙂,

I don't understand why you are so stressing about it. You know something?
Meconium is the first poop which baby releases. If baby has passed the meconium in the womb itself, do you know about the consequences that you have to face?

You have to be very thankful to your doctor as they have responded immediately. If baby swallows the meconium, after she is born she will be having respiratory issues forever. Your baby can't breath properly, she cant swallow the food properly. Will you be happy seeing that?

Normal or caesarian. Whatever it is. Your baby is born healthy and she is perfectly alright now. Accept what you have right now. Nobody has cheated you. Because normal delivery or caesarian completely depends on the position and situation of the baby in the womb.

Its not you or the doctors who decide. I understand that you have struggled a lot for normal delivery. But please note that a baby head will be fixed permanently in the 37th or 38th week of pregnancy. Before that an experienced doctor also cannot figure out if it is a normal or c.section. Moreover you mentioned that your due date was on 22 jan and delivered on 24th jan.

You have already completed 40 weeks of delivery and you were 2 days late from your due date. Generally in this situation delivery will be very difficult as baby might coil herself around the cord, oxygen supply will become less and there will be less blood supply. Normal delivery chances are very less in your case.

Stay positive and be happy. What I believe is our present shouldn't be effected by the past and our present shouldn't effect the future.

Thank you 🙂.
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commented Feb 2018

Thank you Khushiji 🙂

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I can totally understand your feelings dear, bcz as myself was feeling the same way. so, here i am to tell you how i overcome those depressing thoughts.

I developed a condition called obstetric cholestasis(OC) - in simple words severe itching all over the body as specially in the palm and feet on my 37th week, when i informed my doctor abt it she had an alarming face and asked us to to get admitted on the same day. Baby has to be delivered otherwise there may be chance that baby will be stillborn, yes baby is no more safe i. the womb. We tried to induce labor as i was in 38th week, but no enough dilation after 17 hours, in between as the procedure memberance was ruptured,there is No more wait period and ended up in operation theatre.

It didn't end there, my son was rushed to the NICU for what at first diagnosed as tachypenia which is common in babies delivered through c section which would settle in hours time. But he had breathing breathing difficulties even after a day. Finally it was diagnosed as ASD and he was discharged from ICU after 4 days.

It was so depressing for as i have not imagined that i would go through c section and my baby would be in ICU. All those walks, squads, and duck walks went in vain.

ok, the first thing to overcome the feeling is to share it with someone close to you, as in my case i did with my hubby and my mom. Then engage yourself fully with your baby. Do some breathing exercise, do little walking the morning air. Think about your baby and focus more on his beauty and enjoy it...

it will pass ..... good luck dear
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Thanks for your reply. Its just that hospital people administer so many medicines to augment the pain. I was too much in pain & maybe that is why out of distress, she pooped. Because of which c sec was done. If i had not taken those medicines or if i handnt rushed to the hospital , thngs would have been different.

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