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2 Months Old Girl | Aug 2018

Hi Everyone, I have a 2 months baby girl. Its just 10 days i came to my Mil house. My MIL sleeps by hugging my baby. She dsnt give my baby to me in day time also. She gives me only for feeding. That to for half an hour if more than that she comes and takes my baby. From last two days i observing that my baby is not coming to me. She starts crying when I take to her in my arms. By then my Mil comes n takes her. For feeding she is not coming to me. I'm really afraid abt it. Even my husband is not understanding me he is saying that you dsnt know how to grow to a child let my mother take care abt her. I unable to control my crying. Even now also my Mil is sleeping with baby. I thnk I'm loosing my child.

38 Answers
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