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Second Trimester | Mar 2018

Hi..After one week I will be entering into 7th month.My grandmother says to have sex and it will help for normal delivery. My husband will be so busy he will not even proper one hour time to spend with me and baby as well.I told him so many times to spend time with us but he will not do that,I feel bad sometimes. I need a normal delivery all the house hold works I will do now.My frend told me to do sit ups which I am doing.Is that good?whole day I will stay alone at home.He goes to work at 5.30 in the morning and comes at 9 or 10..I feel lonely sometimes.I stayed at my mom's place for one month as well.I will not do any work if I go there that's the reason I am staying with my husband only.Please help me....

38 Answers
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