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Third Trimester | Mar 2018

Hey moms.. Today i went to my dr for routine check up.. She knows I m not delivering my baby in her hospital as i m going to hometown and she is not money maker as well....she said that she thinks personally c sec is better than normal delivery as in c sec u can do lill walk and sit properly but un normal stiches in lower part will be more uncomfortable... I want your reviews.. Which one is better as u experienced. And one of my friend delivered normally last year.. And her experience was worst than c sec.. Once her stiches got broken and again pus started in her stiches.. She told that she cant even sit properly for 6months..she cried many times.. Many women tease her that c sec ladies are better than u. And still she is having severe back pain after 1. 5yr of delivery. She is very good and famous dr. Like god for me bcoz i was trying to cincieving from last 2yrs but after her trtmnt i got pregnant in 2nd month only.. My baby is in breech thts why i think she was convincieing me..

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Hello dear.. C section is a compulsory procedure if there are certain complications or conditions during the delivery.. One of them is the breach presentation.. in breach presentation, the 'bum' of the baby is down whereas in vertical presentation (which is the 'normal' presentation) the head of the baby is down (as it should be ideally). So, there's no point in going for normal delivery bcz that is only going to increase the complications, such as pre-eclampsia, excessive fatigue, breathlessness of the baby and the mother herself, and many other ! so in such cases, the gynecologist suggests and opts for a Caesarean section.. So in your case, being a doctor myself, I would recommend you to please listen to your doctor and get a Caesarean section done..

Now, as long as normal delivery is concerned, it is always the BEST AND MOST APPROPRIATE way of getting delivered as it has lots of benefits (only if there are no complications) :
1. It is the natural way of delivering a baby which nature has imparted us..
2. The sutures or stitches heal very quickly as compared to those of a Caesarean section.
3. It helps you to get rid of the bed and be mobile asap after your normal delivery..
4. You witness the most beautiful moment of your life by being aware rather than being unconscious for a couple of hours !

Women who experience pus formation in their stitches is not because of the normal delivery, it's bcz they FAIL IN MAINTAINING HEALTHY AND HYGIENIC CONDITIONS OF THEIR STITCHES, after their normal delivery! It's very important and crucial to take care of the stitches of the episiotomy (stitches which we get during normal delivery between the Vagina and the Anus). They should be Pat dry immediately with a clean cloth or a toilet tissue, so that there's no moisture in there.. If women fail to do it, then they contract infections and get pus in their stitches..
Similarly, even after a Caesarean section the stitches must be taken care of..

So I, being a doctor, would recommend every lady to opt for natural or normal delivery if there are no complications or conditions like breach presentation, etc.. But if there are, then they should undergo Caesarean section without any second thought..! Women who think that Caesarean section is better than normal delivery are HIGHLY MISTAKEN !

They don't understand that they are willingly opting for a prolonged rehabilitation after their surgery.. The stitches they get on their tummies are very deep and intense than those in the perineals.. They require prolonged bed rest, no bending, no lifting heavy weights, severe pain during turning and twisting, getting up and their total posture also gets compromised to a little extent due to the pain in the stitches and many other problems as compared to normal delivery..

So I would recommend to understand these pros and cons of the modes of delivery.. I have seen many cases where the c section has become a trend for the couples, "we don't want to suffer the pain so we want you to perform C section for me ", this is what they say, whereas actually, there's no need for a c- section in the first place !

Ladies, be a little patient, and make up your mind with the positive thoughts and take a right decision according to your gynecologist's suggestion..!!
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Mam how about taking epidural while normal delivery

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Hey sweetheart,

let me tell you my experience with c section. My baby was breech so there was no option of normal delivery.

When I was on the table for getting operated I was really scared. I have a phobia of pain. even a tiny cut while chopping vegetables I cry for 2 days. So you can just imagine getting a 6" long incision. I was paranoid, continuously chanting "Bismillah Bismillah" (begin with the name of god) with my eyes tightly shut.

Looking at that my gaenac told the anesthesia doctor "these girls I tell you. C section is best for them." the other doctor started laughing. So she said "I am serious. I am going to do c section for my daughter as well. No waiting for labour and all. I don't want her to suffer"

Now she is from a family full of gaenacs. very experienced and practical lady. Very reputed. I trust her completely. So when she said that it sort of immediately gave me a boost. I was like "I can do this". probably god did not want me to go through the pain of labour so he chose this path for me.

I was really disappointed before the procedure as we were really wishing for a normal delivery. That one statement helped me make peace with my c section.

Infact I was laughing all through the procedure. After anesthesia when I doctors were touching the numbed portions it felt very ticklish. So I was lying there laughing uncontrollably as my baby arrived into this world. I was on a super high that entire day.

To make the whole process positive (specially when people throw subtle taunts at me for having the "easier way out") I often tell myself that it was a nicer way to bring my baby into this world when compared to the pain, the wails and exhaustion of a normal delivery!

That's just my personal point of view.

All said and done, birthing is a natural process to all living beings. I am sure I would be equally happy if I had a normal delivery as well...

What happened afterwards is also one funny story. Read on:

loads of love
all the best and happy motherhood!
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I hav experienced both a normal delivery then a csec. Truly speaking normal is far better than cesarian. Of course the pain of normal is unimaginable but that much intense pain is just for 1-2hours and that also u won't remember after delivery. God has given that tolerance to women to bear that pain. I just don't remember the transient state of labor after delivery. That stage get vanished from ur memory. U feel exhausted for some time then u are all free and fit. U can walk and all. With normal I had 10stitches which makes u uncomfortable for almost 2weeks only. But u can sit. But after csec, u can't walk or even turn for hours. Then they make u stand after a day which is very painful. As soon as painkiller stop working, u feel horrible pain. U can't sit n feed ur baby for many days. That pain is much greater than episiotomy stitches. It's been 23days now and the internal cut is still paining a lot. V hav to take care of ourselves for almost 2months for recovery. Still there r people who feel uncomfortable even for a year. I was very depressed having to undergo cesarian but due to less fluid and baby heartbeat irregular I had to. As u r saying of ur frend with stitches broken, there r many cases of c-sec in which stitches get septic. And if internal stitches bleed, it requires a full operation again. So there r many complications attached with c-sec. Both deliveries are painful. Normal with few hours of pain and c-sec with many days of pain. I hav seen many of my aunties having severe backache and rheumatism who had c-sec even my mom can't sit at floor or bend down. But my MIL had normal and is full fit and active. I will suggest normal is better. But if one hav to undergo operation due to some complications to bring baby safely and healthy to this world, then they r of course super moms to hav a major operation compromising their health just for the sake of baby.
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Hi... no doctor can suggest giving that as a reason. C section is not easy as well. Do understand that normal delivery you will have tremendous pain. But once delivered you will not have problems that c section women go through.
In normal delivery after the baby is born stitches are put. Now a days you don't need to remove stitches. It gets healed on its own. You might have little problem while sitting straight but it's not for more than a week. 40 days bed rest and that's it. Your bleeding will be like normal periods. Heavy flow. Just maintain hygiene.

In c section doctors try first like normal delivery, they do put their hand in to check how much cervix has opened and is the baby ready. Incase if there is any problem like baby passing motion inside, emblical cord around the babies neck, baby is over weight etc. Basically no chance of normal delivery referring to the patients history, scanning report. Then only they go ahead of court section.

In case section anesthesia is given to the nerve located near the back bone its local anesthesia. Then at the lower belly a cut is made. Also note that there is a nerve at that area incase that is cut by mistake its difficult to stop the bleeding. Baby is pulled out, emblical cord cut and they remove everything that has formed in the uterus. Basically cleaning it. Stitches are put and done.

Problems that generally are faced by them are back pain inspite of taking 50 days to bed rest, not able to sit and feed the baby properly. Unable to lift anything heavy for atleast 4 months. Not able to eat anything that causes septic for atleast 3 months, piles problem, constipation, not able to walk even to the bathroom for atleast 2 weeks. You can't even tie maternity belt for atleast 15 days so you have big tummy which takes longer time to lose weight etc. And yes antibiotics are given incase required which reduces the breast milk...

Incase the doctor requires to do c section giving a genuine reason then go ahead. If there is risk to baby n you then go for c section otherwise pls go with Normal delivery...
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