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3 Months Old Girl | Dec 7

Hey mom's I'm too much worried my baby.. as she was in nicu after birth doc gave to do chk up.. echo n MRI.. on echo she is having small hole in heart which will fill by month itself suggested by doc.. n in MRI there is mild prominence of cortical sulci and gyri predominantly in the frontal and temporal region.. which I dint get.. but doc told it's minor.. my baby is 3 n 18 days now.. she told to visit rehabilitation centre.. we even visited.. doc asked me wether she is rolling or not.. I was having doubt how so soon.. der4 i put my question here.. n many answered she will.. now I can't understand is my baby is Oki.. she plays she smiles but dsnt look eye to eye in me.. she makes eye contact wd my father n mom too.. wen I call her she looks by side n laughs.. I can't understand wether it's for me o laughing at God.. πŸ€” I bought her gym play try.. doc told me to put her on tummy n make eye contact n gv some on her hand to play.. she dsnt grab yet.. nor she lift her head properly..

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