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A Month Old Boy | Sep 11

Hey friends...i have a problem whch is not related to pregnancy mind is very upset thts y i m asking here pls suggest me actually the prob is my husband .i delivered a baby on 10 august tht tym ny husband was very happy n promised me tht he will not talk to his gf ever .during pregnancy also he many times promised me i will not talk its by mistake and every time i forgive himm.this tym also i trusted him n continue my life with him.but now also he is talking to the same girl .and tht girl is also married she have a daughter husband and tht girl know each other from 10 years.they didnt get maaried because of family pressure .now i m in great depression tht wht to do now .he will never forget her .they will continue as they are i dont have parental support wht to do i dont understand...pls suggest me ..plsssss ...will be very thankful to all of u .

9 Answers
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