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Few Days Old Girl | Feb 2018

Hello moms. Please don’t take me wrong. I delivered a baby girl on 16 jan. I love my princess very much but i find it very difficult to cope up with the routine. I feel very depressed and guilty because i am unable to give breast milk to my princess as my lactation (milk production) is very poor. No one is here to help me. I have maids around me but i cant trust them much. My MIL is a very toxic personality . She do not take care of my baby for a single minute. But start pretending as soon as my husband arrives at evening. I just want to know how much time it will take me to adjust in this new life. Is it normal or i am not a good mother?

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hello dear.. don't be so disappointed.. I m mom of a 7 month old baby and I exclusively breastfeed my baby for 6 months.. but for that I had to fight a lot n under go a lot of stress as my mil n my fil n my neighbor (who didnt bf her baby) kept on pressuring me for giving the baby fm.. according to them I wasn't producing enough my milk.. but I could understand that my baby wasn't crying out of hunger..
then I started doing frequent visits to my babies doctor n whenever I used to visit I kept on asking the doctor that is he getting enough milk or not n his doctor would tell me everything that ur child is absolutely alright n he is doing great with his weight (I mean gaining perfect weight).. but it was too tough for me to convince them.. they were like doctor talks no mil used to say I feed all my kids fm and they were so chubby n my baby is not.. whenever my baby used to cry they were like 'look he is not getting enough milk so he is crying out of hunger'
then I started convincing my husband.. I told him everything.. initially he was supporting his parents saying they handled more babies n they will know better.. but I request him to ask his friends, colleagues and who ever he trusts that what is better for a baby bm of fm.. after his research he was convinced that I should continue with bf.. and he asked his parents not to force me in this matter.. n along with all this I used to have foods which r good for increasing bm and I used to drink 6-7 ltr water a day.. that's how I won my battle.. while parenting u ll get plenty obstacles which u ll have to cross with patience n determination.. good luck n be stress free.. stress could be a reason of low milk flow..
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commented Feb 2018

Hi Anuva..I am mother of 2 months old. Your each and every word seems to be my story. Only difference is I lost the battle too early and started giving fm in stress. Eventually i decreased it , now i give fm once a day. I want to ask how did u manage ur outings? I mean what if u had to go out, how did u make sure ur baby is well fed? Did u use breastpumps? If yes which ones? Please guide me .. I would be really thankful to u if u tell me ur routine during those 6 months.

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When I held my elder boy for the first time I wanted to hold him tight to my breasts and feed him. I wanted to give him my warmth. I tried to breastfeed him, but he was not latching. I started to cry. The nurses started squeezing my nipples for a few drops of milk that was given to my son via a spoon. The pain was excruciating and it even bought tears in my mother..
Soon visitors started pouring in and giving their inputs. Some said ‘Oh, so little milk. Our gowns got wet when our babies were born.’ Others said, ‘she does not have big nipples, then how could she feed?’ Still others said, ‘if she’s not producing milk, then give the baby top feed or formula feed’. Another set said, ‘give the milk in a bottle and with a cup and spoon, otherwise the baby will refuse the bottle later on.’ My tears were unstoppable and I felt that this was the end of breastfeeding.
My little baby was offered a bottle when he was just two days old. Just imagine. He was drinking formula and I was weeping. My desire to breastfeed was smashed. I felt cheated. I cursed god. I cursed myself. I started believing that I had small nipples, I could not produce enough milk, my baby could not latch and hence I could not breastfeed, period.
But my husband was not willing to give up. He told me that he came across a breastfeeding poster on the hospital’s notice board, which highlighted that it was not the nipples that were required to breastfeed but the areola (the dark circular area around the nipple). Since I was too disappointed, I did not pay attention to this. I was discharged from the hospital on the third day..after that my mommy gives me feenugreek ladoos, ajwain pani and finally I won and dudh ka dabba was failed.dont loose hope ..Hydrate yourself, have soup at night and mrng.. And remember you are a mother, you can do any thing...
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Plz share d food recipe dat increase milk

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