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10 Months Old Girl | Mar 8

Hello moms ... I want to share my experience with you all how my day starts with my baby ...From day to night I only think about the baby food like what should I give her ... As soon as my baby gets up I feed her milk then thinking what should I give her in breakfast then tension of giving her mid snack πŸ˜‚ after eating mid morning snack my baby does not eat lunch because she got full then she go to sleep .. but again I can't sleep peacefully because I have to think what should I give her when she wake up ... It's alwys on my mind tht have to give her 3 meals n two snacks which mostly people say that u should give your baby by 10 months won't believe friends my whole day goes like that only I don't get time for myself n if my baby skip one meal I become tensed ... Yeh ek phobia ho gya hai ki baby ko har two hours mein khilana hai n baby eats so less fir logo ki batein suno baby is very thin..pls help mom how you handle baby routine life ??? is there any mom who's like me...

32 Answers
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