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1 Year 4 Months Old Girl | Oct 20

Hello mommies plz help me am in really frustration my co sister is danger lady always she is so jealous on me n copy what at I will do an educated she studied til 10th but am like a silent type means I don’t lie in any things but continuously she is torturing me like from their mother family they gave gold silver money etc daily daily If her husband buy n give also she will tel lie that there mother family bought n gave by hearing her words am getting too disappointment becoz my husband is not like dat he love his brother more but her brother also lieing with him for her wife and she is like doing al that evil things I don’t know what to say for that i I don’t know whether to believe or not If It’s there some one can do bad for us by doing dat evilThings how we can avoid Day before yesterday she came toMy home my daughter not feeling well from dat nyt she got more cough how can I avoid her

3 Answers
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