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5 Months Old Boy | Aug 2018

Hello mommies.I want to share a horrible experience faced by a friend of mine.Plz do not let your baby engage her time in tv or mobile.It not just coz of eyes.My friend used to use tv and mobile for feeding her baby, for getting some self time, for keeping her baby not crying etc. now her baby who is 1.5 years at present is in half coma. She kept neglecting the idleness of her baby. One fine day the baby didn’t feed for the whole day, that day she took him to her ped. Her doctor and 2more peds told her that the baby mind which was in rapid development stage is completely locked only to tv and mobile and her organs which are brains driven will work only after being stimulated by tv/mobile.For babies tv/mobile are just colorful moving patterns that keeps their brain focused.But babies brain is not made to b focused at one thing. It should be diverted and exploring. Right now the baby is hospitalized and being tube fed. And is under counseling. May god give strength to her and her baby

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same here jahnvi. same my husband and its so annoying. ill be showing him too and take a stern stand this time

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