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8 Months Old Boy | May 2017

Hello momies...plz suggest wat can i feed my baby at night...m giving him homemade cerelac (khichdi) along wid jaggery for night...but hez refusing it now...wat else can i feed...want to give sm thing that can fill him stomach so that he can take a peaceful sleep...hv introduced apple , bnana, sweet potato n pomogranate till date.

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Ya u can add few pieces of carrot one day with raw rice and pressure cook it with more than needed water to make it soft. Once cooked mash n feed.add these one by one Carrot Cauliflower Sweetpotato Palak Beans Peas Bottle gourd Ridged gourd Drumsticks Soya chunks Anything of ur choice. Jus add few pieces. After one month u can start adding 2or 3 veggies at a time.

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