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A Month Old Boy | Sep 14

Hello friends I am in trouble. Actually I give birth to my baby on35 week. Now he is 30 days old. He is suffering from gas constipation. His birth weight is 2.5 kg. His present weight is2.8 kg. I have visited so many predi. He didn't sleep whole night crying Dr says he gulps air while feeding. He is taken bm and FM both. So Dr suggested me to feed baby after two and half hours or 3 hours. Baby also didn't pass stool for 3 days. But such a gap baby crying in hunger. What to do? Plz reply

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Dear, can you please give the exact brand name of the medicine.. My baby passes stool, flatus, urine, properly with proper wt.gain(3.40kg).he is 20 days now but remain cranky all the time.. I give him proper burp..i gave him colicaid, applied hing paste, given gripe water.. But no use.. I am so distressed.. I don't want to give him medicine much at this age.. Please help me out..

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