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Few Days Old Girl | Jan 2018

Hello everyone.....i am blessed with a cute baby girl thru c section on 1st January. She is of 12 days now by still not taking my breastmilk properly. She was in NICU for 2 days in the beginning and the staff over there gave her topfeed and now she wants only that and not my milk. And since she is not having my milk milk production is also less and nipples have not came out properly. What should I do so that she start having my feed properly.?

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Shweta I can totally understand the pain and frustration one go through in such a situation coz even I faced it after struggle of a week my baby latched a little only on one side and that motivated me further... I agree to all the other mothers.. U should not give up! To help u I am trying to convey u a few facts of my own experience :) 1. The first thing is the urge and passion to feed your baby which you have 2. Patience is key because the lil one is unaware and cannot understand our feelings n intention and also what is good for him, we need to help him by different means... On the other hand good thing Baby is so small that u cn easily shift him to breast . 3. You do not worry and be positive because u r not the only one all c section moms face this.. Some for short time n some lil longer 4. Now come to the solution but for that u need to know the problem... As u mentioned ur nipples... Dear even I had hard encroached breasts coz he did not take feeds, so it's not baby's fault v need to work for it .... I would suggest a few tips below 1. Take hot water shower or use hot towel or hot water bag and use coconut oil to massage the breast.. It will become soft to express the milk by hand in bowl and now feed this so the baby gets the taste. 2. You can use the hand express pump or electric pump I have one from pigeon to express milk in bottle.. This exercise you need to do everytime immediately before feeding her as express pump brings ur nipples out a little for smtime and you need to forcefully but of course gently push nipple in baby's mouth try if he cn get 2-3 drops of ur milk to get greed of more but hold her properly as 30 degree angle... Take somebody's help too.. Some ppl say teasing baby before giving him nipple in mouth helps but dint work in my case... (there are videos on YouTube) My son use to bite on my nipple for a few times and I had wound and pain still use to express milk. 3. This is important but a lil harsh one.... I use to not give top feed to my baby till he do not bite my nipple and tries sucking.. He use to ofcourse cry badly but this worked for me.. Now I feed him before he cries... Dear it's very long but I hope u will get strength and not loose patience. Also one thing my doctor told me... Babies are blessed with latching technique v just need to push them.. All the best dear
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Thnks so much for ur concern...

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