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Third Trimester | May 2018

Hello all... I delivered baby girl on 30 th April .. and everyone is very happy in my family.. my mother has come to my place to take care of me... but I don’t like my mil’s attitude against her ... she doesn’t talk to her like she talks with others... she feels she is superior and smarter... my mother is now not that active and fast as she is not young so even my husband always complain about my mom that she can’t help us in anyway.. he doesn’t let her hold the baby he says she doesn’t know how to hold a baby... he doesn’t let her sleep with me ... she came here’only for me ...I don’t like it at all... I am very disappointed with them😟

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congratulations dear. may god bless both of u. i can vry well understand ur situation. not only our in laws but sometimes evn our husbands don't evn care for us when our parents pitch in be it physical emotional or financial, they are always der for us. U dont stress urself right now coz it wud effect u n ur baby. it wil effect ur bm supply too. as far as their behavior s concerned i wud suggest u to talk to ur husband but not directly. like u can initiate the conversation it wud have been a different scene if v had a boy. aftr his marriage we wud have got all the respect. now v have to give. it s always going to be our fault n so on. express watevr u feel continuing the conversation n wen he contradicts den give him the present scenario examples of urself n ur mother. I hope he wil understand n take his stand. if he begins to treat ur family bttr den his parents too have to do it willingly or unwillingly. Also, wenvr he says that ur mom s not doing nythng just ask him than shall i ask her to go back as u n ur mom can manage evrythng. Ur mil will nvr get ready for this as she wud hv to work in that case .
as far as sleeping with her s concerned, u can tel ur husband that u r wrkng n u need proper rest so ur sleep wil get disturbed with baby. bttr i wil sleep with mom or ur mom who so evr can help me out at night while feeding n diaper change. ds way i wil get help also n ur sleep won't b interuppted. here again ur mom wud only come as mil wont want her sleep to be compromised.

dear act smartly rather than feeling disappointed and stressing urself which wud do no good to u or ur baby. Cheers! Be happy n njoy motherhood. Happy parenting :)
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