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Third Trimester | Feb 2018

Hai mommies ,my members are not allowing to drink me water,as it is not good and they are saying to take only 1glass of water per day just to reduce thirst,but im feeling very thirsty even in nights,and im getting severe head ache(initially I have took 3litres of water but after head ache they are saying heavy water intake is reason for head ache and I stopped water intake) daily due to lack of sleep in nights as my boy is waking up nights.and coming to food,only limited amount of food inmate is allowed so as tummy will decrease and that too only rice with less curries like bottle guard,jeera curry and as breakfast im taking bread and milk and same in feeling very hungry but im not liking that rice.can I have any fruits and how much water should I take?can I have dry fruits?what should I do to reduce head ache Note:my baby is gaining weight with my breast milk and has no issue in that.he is sneezing some times

35 Answers
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