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3 Months Old Girl | Dec 2018

Hai mommies.... I want to share my feelings with u all.... Last month I went to my husband's house after delivery.....that day I really felt very bad.... My mil did not even take my daughter into her hands not even once.. Didn't even pamper her too... But she is nicely pampering my sil daughter.... She is 4 years old.... I donno y she is showing these kind of difference n all... Because my sil daughter is very fair is that is the reason... She loves her son very much... Then wats her pblm to take his daughter... Not only this... She always does the same.... She feels very happy.. If my sils family goes out or anything like that.... But she changes her face if we want to go out something or she is always worried if we go out thinking that whether her son spends more on me.... But actually whenever we go out.. She'll take everything for her daughter and her grand daughter... But in front of my hubby and others she pretends like I'm like her daughter. How disgusting it is

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Mai b pagl hue huu muje b frestration hai ,.. Mera baby boy hai aur. Wo b bhout cute white mere sil ki beti hai wo Kali hai phr b mere sasural wale usseko bhout pyr krte hai

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