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4 Months Old Girl | Jun 2017

Guys, today I shouted My mil since because she sarcastically asked whether milk is coming from my nipple... I couldn't control my temper.. I told her not to talk like this in front of me... She used to say everyone my milk is not sufficient for lo. And she was urging me to start semi solids now itself.. My baby is just 4 months completed and her weight is gud. Having all this in my mind I scolded her. Now she is blackmailing that she is going to native tomorrow itself... As I have to join back my work, we took her to Chennai with us. Because of my temper, she is telling like this now. I feel bad.. My hubby does not know abt this yet. I don't know what is going to happen once he comes back from office... Was I wrong???

63 Answers
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