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2 Months Old Boy | Sep 2017

Friends! I wanna share one thing with u. I hv a baby boy. He is just two months old now. I breast feed him. Whenever he cries or I m away, my MIL offers her breast to him n baby starts sucking her nipple. She is doing like this since he is born. Even my baby sucked her nipple first before me, because my nipples were flat, he was unable to latch n milk was also not coming.. whenever I see her feeding my baby, even though milk doesn't come, I guess she likes it. I don't know why but I don't like it. Mera khoon khaulta h aur main kuch ker nhi pati. One day I told that this way feeding the baby when milk is not coming, is not good, I heard. She replied that she had been doing like this with all my husbands' cousines n his neices. Plz tell me what I should do k wo ye krna chod den.

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Ya all are right...Jan bhi baby bhukha lage.apni mil se baby ko le le ki muje feeding karvana he...Kam bad me bhi ho jayega.. that's it..

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