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A Month Old Boy | Sep 2018

Feeling disappointed !! 😞😞 My baby is 45 days old delivered thru c sec.... From day 1 he is on Formula milk...I have tried so many tips for increasing breast milk but not a single tip has worked for me 😞😞 Everybody is saying that ur baby will have low immune system, he will not be a strong boy, his stomach will become fulffy due to more consumption of FM,, but what can I do have tried almost all nuskha for increasing BM Now m totally lost ...what can I do if BM is not there , m not able to see my baby cry πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ Hey Mommies is there anybody whose baby is completely on FM & is he/she is having any symptoms of less growth? Is he/ she is less active as compared to the kids who are on BM Pls reply Moms... I m feeling very bad πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

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Sep 2018
I can understand what you must be feeling. I give my son formula milk too. My son is now 2 months and 15 days old, and I struggled A LOT with breastmilk.

As you said... seeing the baby cry with hunger is terrible. My baby could neither latch nor any milk would come out. The β€œguilt” of not being able to give milk to the baby made me sadder!! Add to that the guilt induced by people who said things about immunity n all...

I got solace finally in the answers from fellow moms on Tinystep! 😊😊

No need to feel bad dear. My husband, who was always been an intelligent n good health, was exclusively given cow’s milk coz his mom had issues with bm. His mom tells him that he achieved his milestones rather early....
Even I’m partially breastfed, and my immunity was fine but little low as compared to my sister who was also partly breastfed. So we can’t blame fm alone!
I know a genius artist, who is an adopted baby so he was only formula fed! Don’t know about him as a baby, but today he is as healthy as everyone!

So I think I can safely say that breastmilk is great, but at the end of the day, care and love of parents matter more than what we’re able to feed them. We should STOP JUDGING women who are unable to feed bm to their babies. No parent intentionally wants to give the second best to their child; there is always an underlying reason.

Believe in yourself as a parent, and trust your instinct. Your motherhood journey and your baby are going to be great!!! 😘😘
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Sep 2018
Hi dear... I wanted to share something I learnt thru my experience of breast feeding... First thing.. No harm in giving fm when there is no other option... Yes we can't see our baby crying in hunger.. terrible thing... so when there is no other go we can give fm...

But Breast milk can't be matched with any other food... It's not just for filling our baby's tummy... It creates a kinda bonding between the mother and the baby... This can't be explained in words.. I wish all mother should feel and enjoy this life time experience...

During my initial struggle increasing Breast milk I saw a video where a doc said.... Baby's mouth is the switch.... Using the switch in the right way is very important... once our baby is used to take milk thru feeding bottle it's difficult to make the baby suck mother's breast... because baby should really put some effort when it comes to breast whereas in feeding bottle it's easily available to the baby..

it's just 45 days for you.. they insist exclusive breast milk for 6 months... so keep trying....don't give up... if you have tried all the ways still can't find improvement please check your thyroid hormone levels.. we can't breastfeed if we have hypothyroidism or improper hormone levels... take steps for that your breast milk will increase...

Don't get discouraged or disappointed with what people around you talk...

Breast feeding is a skill... it doesn't come easily for all mothers... Most women struggle to successfully breast feed that too when it's first child.... But they do succeed at least partially... Increasing breast milk is not magic.... it will not happen all of a sudden or in one or two days... it's a very slow process.... we really need to have a lot of patience....

Good and complete rest
Proper food
Peaceful Mind
Getting baby used to breast milk

we can definitely see our breast milk increase.... apart from this make sure we don't have any health issue like thyroid problem which can hinder breast milk process... if so get it treated as well...

I personally went thru lot of struggle.. I had thyroid problem... i kept trying and saw my breastmilk gradually increase.. if you want to know more please ping me I will share all the guidance that I got for improving bm....
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Plz help... I HV twins both r on FM.. They r 2 n half month old... Can I gv then bm ?

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