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Few Days Old Boy | Aug 23

Dear all today m very stressed... Please help me.. Only your words can help me.. I leave in Delhi and after delivery I called my mil to stay here.. But from very first day when I was in ho my mil was giving her nipple to my baby.. I didn't say anything but I was not feeling good to see this. Aaj 25 days ho chuke hain.. Whenever she takes my baby she do the same thing and today I told mil in front of my husband that please don't give your nipple she said very rudely mai apne family k sabke bachcho ko nipple di hu.. If you don't like it then I will not take your baby..My husband is also supporting my mil.. Wo dhamki deti hai I will not stay here.. M a working lady.. No one is to take care my baby.. What should I do please tell

64 Answers
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