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2 Months Old Girl | Sep 19

Dear all, I am a working women , my leaves will be over in nov.. my daughter is attached to my mil.. my inlaws wanted me to keep my baby with them.. they love and care my baby even more than me.. is it advisable to keep my baby there.. m really confused as I don’t want to leave my baby either in the hands of Maid or in daycare?? Pls suggest..

17 Answers
Hi I see ur baby is 2 months Old from ur profile... by November she will be around 4-5 months... by that time she would have started recognizing faces...

I 'll just tel u my situation... We living in a foreign country... I had to rejoin work in 2 months... our parents can stay with us here only for 2 months due to visa restrictions.. my mom was there for first 2 months.. 3rd month I had to join back.. my in laws can't come becos my fil had a major surgery.. I had no other option other than getting a helper... luckily I was able to bring someone from my hometown... my husband rented a house near to my office.. I tried to go home twice in between.. at my office we have mom's room which mother's used to pump milk... I sometimes used it but mostly I went home to either pump or feed my baby directly if she s awake..

over all from 3rd month I'm away from my daughter during day time.. now she s 8 months.. her attachment towards me only kept on increasing.. now she very well knows my timing... she knows when I will.get back home.. eve 6 she starts looking for me... til that she 'll be happily playing.. after 6 she wants nothing else but me... max is 6:30... after that she becomes restless... starts crying so badly...

so after that she 'll not be with anyone else... she might be playing but she 'll be more conscious of having me around her.. then she 'll be happily playing...

attachment between a baby and mother is all just natural.. nobody can overtake that place in a child's life...

I'm not exactly sure of what situation u r in... from my experience, leaving ur child with ur in laws while u r away for work will be the best thing instead of maid or day... but leaving with them altogether and visiting baby occasionally or during weekends will be difficult for both u and ur baby.. becos she needs u and u need her at this time... take care..
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