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A Month Old Boy | Aug 22

Am a newmom... I need urgent help... My baby is 50 days old.. He spitsup most of the time with large amount.even after I hold him 30 min for burping.. And also am n D situation to feed him formula milk as I can't supply enough mothers milk... Can anyone help with the solutions plz...

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Wait fr ur baby to show hunger sign & den give fm. First burp after breastfeeding is complete. Even after burping baby is hungry, just mk 30 ml fm & let baby finish fm in batches not 75 ml together. Also visit pediatrician to let him know dat ur baby is puking out Similac..may be he will change fm brand. Use Philips Avent or pegion wide mouth bottle. Just judging by age of ur child ( its mentioned 1 mnth), i think 75 ml fm is bit much , specially immediately after breastfeeding. R u sure u hv less bm?.. baby require around 60 to 90 ml bm every 2 hrs. Also baby can due to many factors like tummy ache, rashes, not able to burp, room temperature etc ..& not necessarily due to hunger...u r mom & best judge of situation

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