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Third Trimester | Jan 2018

All ladies will be schocked..This shouldn’t happen even to my enemies.i am 26 yrs now and almost in 12th week of pregnancy. My mother is forcing me not to have Kids reason is she just got baby boy( he is 2yrs now ). My parents are financially very poor. Before marriage and after marriage also I helped them financially very much and in fact I opposed for their baby when my mom was conceived. But everything got changed when my parents got “baby boy” they neglected me very much and they told me not to get Married because I was the only earning father is not working. I got Married with my expense,after marriage also I am helping my parents financially . But still my parents are scolding me that I m not helping financially anything to them and they are cursing me for not looking after to their baby boy( my brother of 2 yrs age ).They are asking me “why you want baby ?” And telling me to take my brother to my husband house and look after him only. How much is this correct?

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