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4 Year 6 Months Old Boy
Mar 18
104 Answers
Third Trimester
3h ago
8 Answers
5 Months Old Boy
6h ago
22 Answers
Third Trimester
4h ago
5 Answers
dear, it's normal,post partum blues n poat partum depression, happened with 15-20%women post delivery, but remains for max 2months if pist partum blues, but in your case it's more than 2months, so it's post partum depression, so better to consult pschologist, u r not mental pt, u just need some medicine some counseling some love care rest n sleep.i ve also gone through this n believe me i was thinking that i will become insane,bcoz no control of thoughts n over myself also. i want to escape from home, want sleep but can't due to overthinking. during that time also, my hubby not supported me as i was at my mom's place, even he didn't called me also. then i made my mind that if I'll become ill, there will be no one for my lil girl to take care. i gathered courage that if i can handle 9mth pregnancy then c section then this mental torture then I'm strong enough to come out of this situation,its not as big as my strength. i was about to go to consult psychologist but didn't go. what I've done i tell you 1.lack of sleep is the main reason, so sleep whenever baby sleeps, i used to sleep in another room during daytime atleast for first month, bcoz newborn baby makes lots of noises and slightest noise wake me up, so my mom took care of my baby, when need to feed, i go to feed mother was n is my big supporter, thank god. inspirational motivatinal videos on YouTube, i used to watch sandip maheshwari, shree krishna messages,and also watch baby caring videos, then gradually i start spending more time with my baby, doing massage, bath, tummy time, singing songs to baby yoga n exercise, believe me the best stress reliever, as ur baby is 4mths u can do any exercise u want. meditate, walking, yoga, aerobics. i also used to go at temple, sat there for some time .u can go to gardens with ur baby also.may be u've gain weight after delivery, so, set a goal of reducing weight n work on it. I've lost 16kgs total post delivery including baby weight also, it gives me positive energy to reach near my goal with friends, enjoy, have some tasty food, do as per your hobbies, i used to cook my fav dishes, dance n reading positive, this time will also pass, onve ur baby will grow up, u'll cherish the memories, so collect good memories now, I'm even more strong and healthy mother. as it says that bad times makes u even a great better improved and mature person. u r mother and mother can do everything, happy motherhood to u dear.😊
4 Months Old Girl
21h ago
8 Answers
esa or b bot kuch hai jo pehle hota tha ab ni hota ya wese nahi hota. me na to old myths k against hu totally or na hi completely unke favor me. ap 1 baat socho. pehle Koyle se angithi jala k khana bnate the, Aj ki date me possible h K sab ese kre? ab to coal use krna b punishable h ese, cities me specially. or gas ane k baad to stove b koi use ni krta, angithi to bot pehle ki baat ho gai. 2) ladies pehle periods me Kapde use Karti thi. pads to the hi ni. jab pads ae to unke baare me sab negative thoughts n still they continued with cotton clothes. humari generation me aake clear hua h k Kapde se zyada infection hoti h. Aj Kal to biodegradable pads b ane lge h or unki replacement me menstrual cup etc b. jo Sab apne question me likha, wo Sab hota tha or Aj b hota h. tab doctors ni hote the,researches ni hoti thi, awareness ni hoti thi kon pehle baccho ko leke jaya Krta tha Ya koi b alternate? to jo Purane methods chalte are the, Wahi follow krte rehte h log. me ye ni kehti k Ye Sab galat h. but yes many of dem are rather harmful. n I wud like to mention facts that. infant mortality rate under 5years, India always tops the list in d world. never left top 5 list. needless to say, Pehle kitne babies ki death b hoti thi. Aj Kal pregnancy issues, immunity, sensitivity, yeah sab zyada h. i agree. but not deaths. Pehle under 5 babies ki death bot common thing, multiple reasons ki wajah se. hum logo K grandfathers k time pe, they used to birth 10 kids. hum Krenge Aj?? har koi cheez or har thought process ko evolve hona hota h with time. jo Sab apne btaya, un Sabke side effects h, scientifically proven. esa b h k sabko ni hote. but ho sakte h, isliye mana kiya jata h ab. I hope It made u understand dear.
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