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2 Months Old Boy
6m ago
6 Answers
Third Trimester
1h ago
9 Answers
Hello I can understand what exactly you are feeling as I have faced too. I was married in 2013. Mine and my husband’s reports were all good. I am also working and ride two wheeler. My office and Home both are on 1st floor. Manage home and work and family. It took all your time you hardly get time for yourself. But now m in end of my 8 month pregnancy. So don’t lose hope at all. See you have to use stairs but you can use stairs very gently and slowly. Take steps one by one. Ride your bike slowly let others overtake you don’t be in rush at all. If you can’t avoid jerking roads ride then ok at least slow down your bike. Try not to pull heavy weights. Monitor your BP, HB, Thyroid etc. in case there is issue solve it. That’s for both of you (your husband and you). Both go for morning and evening walk at least one time walk either evening or morning. Both have healthy diet. Both of you need to be stress free as it’s plays important role. Don’t intimate for the sake of your getting pregnant. As it cause emotional, physical and mental stress which is not good at all. Do for love. Spend some good time to be happy. Do something that makes you happy. Music, movie, sports, reading or whatever you like. These are for both of you. Have healthy diet. Salads, sprouts, sweet potatoes, green veggies, dahi, lassi etc. milk twice a day. Drink plenty of water. List is long. Start having folic acid tablets. It soothes the uterus and helps in pregnancy. It helps in maintaining the Pregnancy. It doesn’t have any side effects. Don’t worry you will get your bundle of joy sooner. All the very best.
2 Months Old Boy
4h ago
13 Answers
Before start to travel onces again consult u r pediatricians dear...he/she prescribes some medicines for u r baby. now vicks baby rub available in market.... before going to bed apply vicks in baby feet rub well and covered with pair of socks ....or use use nasoclear it is best for small infants...Discuss with u r doc any precautions that you need to take while travelling during long travel.. also ask doctor to prescribe all emergency medicines that you can carry while travelling. Nasal saline drops are a quick solution to get relief from the blocked nose and nasal congestion in newborns. It’s safe and recommended by pediatrics to use for infants. Put saline drops in each nostril of your baby as this would help to clear the nose. Nasal saline drops loosen up mucus. Use of saline drops makes feeding easier for your baby .so always keep saline drop with u.. For small babies, Warm the coconut oil and add 5-6 crushed tulsi leaves. By crushing them, tulsi leaves’ juice will mix with the coconut oil and oil will soak all the healing properties of tulsi. Remember, the oil must be warm not too much hot. Gently massage the oil on the chest, back and under feet of your baby while sleeping. This oil mixture will help to give relief from cold and cough and also keep these oil in small container easy to carry..keep u r baby warm , put scraf, full sleeve clothes to u r baby...Keep baby’s things in a separate bag, with most things easy to reach, as train journeys are longer and you will have change your baby a few times. Take at least 4-5 sets of clothes per day while travelling. u may have to change u r baby clothes after every feed so keep complete sets comfortable....Do not forget to take baby’s favorite toys .....
Third Trimester
9h ago
14 Answers
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