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Third Trimester
6m ago
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8 Months Old Girl
14m ago
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5 Months Old Girl
2h ago
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Third Trimester
May 27
11 Answers
All of you will agree with me that there is nothing more rewarding or satisfying than the time spent with your child. I have always managed to have a one to one time with both my boys. Trust me, when I say that I have learnt life's best lessons from these talks. Kids always amaze us, surprise us and make us realize that there is so much to learn from them.  Their innocence makes them look at world and its innumerable problems, complexities, issues, troubles etc., without any bias. Last night, when I was having my one to one time with my younger son, he asked me "mummy, why do all mothers and fathers nowadays want only girls?" I did not know what to say. I opened my mouth twice to answer but I didn't know where to start. So I asked him why did he think it was like that. He said because "I hear all the aunties say how lucky it is to have a girl, girls are so cute." This hit me so hard, I felt so guilty. Being a mother of two boys, I do long for a girl. When I go shopping and look at all the beautiful clothes for little girls, I wish that I had a girl. When I felt that my elder son was not understanding what I was feeling, I wished I had a daughter. When I looked at old people who were being taken care of by their daughters I wondered who would take care of me. I thought I was only thinking all this in my mind, but I never realized I was saying it loud and my little boy was listening to me. I took a deep breath. I started by saying "I am sorry". I continued "I love both you and your brother a lot.I am very proud and happy that I am your mom. I would never ever exchange this for anything in the world. I never meant that I didn't not want you. But if my words have hurt you then I was wrong and it was not my intention. I do not want a girl in place of you. Boys and girls both are important."  I hugged him and kissed him. I did not want to give any explanation to him for the wrong I did, because I have taught him to accept when he is wrong. I believe in being an example for my kids.  He fell asleep but I couldn't sleep. I was thinking and my thoughts took me back to the time when I was small. Those were the times when everyone wanted boys. The birth of a boy was celebrated. If only one child could be educated then it was always the boy who would be sent to school. We have moved from those times and how drastically.  We are not as bad as them but we are now only thinking of girls and women empowerment. We are trying to celebrate every thing about women. Most of my friends, who are moms of boys, knowingly or unknowingly have said it atleast once that it would have been nice to have a girl. Why can't we bring up our kids without any bias. Every child is born equal apart from the physical difference. How wonderful it would be if we could bring up the kids without any bias because of their gender. Coming back to the question my son asked, It will take some time for me to get out of my guilt. But I hope whoever is reading this, will learn from my experience and will not make the same mistake as I did. read this article somewhere changed my outlook
Third Trimester
3h ago
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Third Trimester
22h ago
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