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9 Months Old Boy
2h ago
3 Answers
Third Trimester
Jul 19
75 Answers
But I was diagnosed with gestational diabities. And thyroid .and was on insulin and had strict diet plan khud he banaya tha still sugar levels kabhi normal nai hue coz mai active nai thi strict bed rest par thi..24 weeks par afi low ho Gaya which is also quite normal and watery dischrge like amniotic fluid Hamesha raha 26 th week par doc gave betnesol injections and dey loose all hope coz dey saw my cervix length was decreased..but I didn't..den doc said 30 th week nikal lo baby weight was 1.3 and colour Doppler mai umbical artery ke flow mai mild resistance tha den I trust God cervix length was 1.3 after 30 th week I kept tracking movemnets coz my baby was slow mover ..32nd week scan par colour Doppler hua mild resistance flow thek ho Gaya tha but baby weight was 1.6 and diagnosed with mild iugr..doc told baby will remain small and will be in machine coz dey were prepared ki preterm labour kabhi bhi ho Sakta hai..dey told me to have protein rich food..I said mai vohi khati hu jab unhone meri diet Suni toh Kha seriously itne mahino se ap aisa Khana Kha rhe ho mai har meal mai sirf or sirf protein he khati doc said even ap Yaha tak apni mehnat par Aaye ho..but she doesn't knw meri nai god ki Mehnat thi ..den at 34 th week again colour Doppler hua mild iugr bhi khatam ho Gaya and baby gained 2.4 kg weight my doc was 35 week movements was less nst wasn't good..doc was abt to open my cervix stitch but somehow she said no Wait till evening agar movements fir se less hue toh come in evening and get admitted but god ne mera woh week bhi nikal diya den 36 th week I had my nst which again was not good heart beat Hamesha constant thi doppler bhi sahi tha bas baby movements Bht kam hote the..den 36 week colour Doppler par mine afi reduced to 7 and bpp score was 4out of 8 and baby weight was 2.98 kg den doc said will open ur stitch tomm..I again had betnesol ..dey open my stitch at 36 week 1 day and said dere is no dilation yet as u was in complete bed rest,gdm,and dere was protein in urine also one time do u want to go with normal or c sec I said will try for normal..den got admitted on 36 week 4 days dey induced with in 6 hours I deliver baby boy his birthweight was 2.98..I didn't felt much labour pains..journey hasn't stopped yet..after 6 days of delivery episiotomy cut ke sare stitches tut Gaye the I had a wound over much pain in open wound but doc said dressing hogi ..dressing 10 days chali wound is still dere but better.doc said we will see u need stitch again aur apne ap heal ho was not a easy journey for me ...but I would definitely say to u all mothers especially jo darr jati hai,darr sabko lagta hai but trust on god he's the one who do miracles..We named our son EMAAN (FAITH) ..don't loose hope ladies..😊
A Month Old Girl
Jul 19
38 Answers
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